Staff Cabins

The Bunkhouse

 Our “Bunkhouse” is a complex of 6 rooms.  The upper floor has Staff Cabins 5 thru 8.  These are “motel” style rooms with a double bed and a twin bed.  Each room has a sink with mirror, a private shower and private toilet.  The rooms feature Amana AC/Heat units that guests can control.  The deck out front has seating and a view of the camp central area.  From the east side of the deck near cabin 8 you can usually access the Wi-Fi.

 The lower level of the Bunkhouse has Staff Rooms 9 & 10.  Each of these rooms has three twin size beds and two sets of twin size bunk beds, housing up to seven persons.  Each room has two sinks, two toilets and two showers.  Room number 9 has handicap accessible facilities.


The Stilt Building

 For lack of a better name, the “Stilt” Building is just that—a structure raised on stilts.  It was not for fear of flooding but rather a construction technique we employed to avoid destroying the several large oak trees around it.  We are pleased to report that it worked!   Staff Cabins 1 through 4 comprise the Stilt Building.  They each have one double bed and two sets of twin bunk beds allowing up to six persons to stay in each.  Rooms 1, 3 & 4 have a private toilet, private shower and a double sink vanity with mirror.  Room 2, laid out slightly different, is handicap accessible.


Bunkhouse Staff Cabin
Staff Rooms 5-8
Staff Rooms 9-10
The Stilt Building

Staff Cabin Rental

Staff Cabin Room **

  • $15 *  
  • $12.50  

Immediate Family (max fee all rooms)

  • $40 *
  • $50



    ** The minimum charge per room or cabin used is $25.00. *

  • The minimum charge per room or cabin used is $30.00.

Staff Room Capacities

S1-S4 = 5 to 6 People ea.

S5 = 2 to 3 People

S6 = 1 to 2 People

S7-S8 = 2 to 3 People

S9-S10 = 7 People ea.

Max Occupancy – 49 People