Nurses Station

 The Grand Oaks “Nurses Building” began as and is officially titled the Hulbert Administration Building.  Originally constructed around 1970 along with the other block style buildings it once housed a Nurse station, Director’s Office and the Snack Shack.  A number of years ago it was gutted, remodeled and completely devoted to use as the camp Nurse Station.  A new covered porch was added in 2017.  It features a sitting area that includes a desk for the nurse; a washer dryer combination; a dispensary room where supplies are stocked; a room with two bunk beds for those people that need to rest up a bit; a restroom with the only bathtub on campus; and finally a bedroom for the camp nurse that has a full + twin style bunk bed.


 During camps the facility houses the nurse(s) and has a waiting area and additional beds for those that need to visit during their stay.  When summer camp is not in session, this building can be used for housing Retreat guests or Families.


 There is a refrigerator, hot plate, microwave and coffee maker provided.


Nurses Station


Nurses Station Lodging

    • Nurse Cabin Room **

      • $12.50 *
      • $15

    Immediate Family (max fee all rooms)

    • $40 *
    • $50



      ** The minimum charge per room or cabin used is $25.00. *


    The minimum charge per room or cabin used is $30.00.