Riverview Cabins

 The three “Riverview” cabins were built around 1970.  They are concrete block structures used primarily for summer camp that are also available in spring and fall.  Each cabin has two dormitory areas with restroom facilities shared in the middle.  Each dorm room is equipped with 6 bunk beds and one twin size bed usually used for the group leader, thus making the total capacity of each building 26 persons.  In summer camps, these cabins typically house girls.


 The central restroom area features 4 toilets, 4 sinks and 3 private showers with shared dressing space.


 Each cabin is air conditioned and has heat adequate for mild weather.  


Riverview Cabin

Riverview Cabin Rental

    • Dormitory Room **

      • $10 *
      • $12.50

    Immediate Family (max fee all rooms)

    • $40 *
    • $50



      ** The minimum charge per room or cabin used is $25.00. *


    The minimum charge per room or cabin used is $30.00.