The Grand Oaks Chapel is a comfortable, inviting and practical facility available year round.  In addition to worship services, retreats, meeting and events can be held here.  It features seating for up to 250 persons with stack chairs allowing maximum flexibility in arranging the room for guest group needs. Tack boards are mounted throughout the building and a large dry erase marker board is available for use and is mountable either in the back of the room for a break out session or the front for full group use. Blinds and curtains allow the space to be darkened for video showing or dramatic effect. Several tables are available for use throughout the space, and a piano is located on the spacious stage.  GRAND OAKS CHAPEL is a special place of worship.

 Two restrooms are conveniently located in the back of the room near the main entrance. Exits are clearly marked with lighted signage and security lights.

The building rental includes use of a permanently mounted video projector and professional quality sound system. The video has inputs for computer or other players and various adaptor connections are available. A DVD/VCR player is provided along with a CD player.  The sound system includes a Yamaha MG24/14FX mixing board, Peavey CS 1400 amplifier and two center mounted Peavey PR15 speakers and two Yamaha side mount speakers. There is also a monitor system provided. There are up to 8 inputs at the stage or you can bring your own mixer and route through the system from the front. The wiring is adequate to support a reasonable amount of special effects lighting and gadgets that guests provide. 


Grand Oaks Chapel


Chapel Rental

  • $40 * 
  • $50  



  • LARGE GROUP ADJUSTMENT FEE—all events using “building rental” only.  
  • $.25 per person attending in excess of 50.  ($25.00 maximum per building.) *
  • $.50 per person attending in excess of 50.  ($35.00 maximum per building.)