Dining Hall

Dining Area

The Grand Oaks Dining Hall features a Dining Room with three seating areas that provide combined seating for approximately 160 persons.  The main area seats up to 110 people and two side rooms are comfortable for 20 and 30 respectively.  Oak accordion doors provide separation for the two side rooms if needed.  Additional guests can be seated depending on the arrangement and spacing.  There are rectangular tables and folding chairs provided that can be arranged as needed.  (However, guests are asked to return the Hall to the condition it was found at the end of each event.) 

There is a sound system with microphones available for use, and the lighting is designed for highlighting a “head table” at the north end of the main room.  The dining area includes a microwave oven, refrigerator/freezer and double sink for the convenience of our guests. 

Two restrooms are conveniently located in a side hallway. These restrooms can be accessed separately from the dining area making them available to campers even when the dining area is not open.


Camp Kitchen

The camp kitchen is a spacious, clean, and well lit commercial kitchen.  During the summer camps this is a very busy space!  During the off season, the kitchen may be used by guest groups that wish to prepare their own meals.  The camp staff will provide an orientation session to the cooks planning to use our kitchen to help insure food safety.  During summer camps, Grand Oaks supplies the food.  During most other events, the visiting group will need to bring all supplies and food.  All equipment except any freezer being used by the camp itself is available.  Groups may choose to use camp dishes and the dishwasher (camp staff will assist) or may bring in disposable items for convenience.  As with all Grand Oaks facilities, guests are expected to clean up the areas used before departure.


2018 Summer Menu


Please contact us if you want further info such as a list of ingredients.

Fresh Fruit is served at most meals unless we have run out before the next truck delivery. We do not use a deep fryer or grill.   All meat is oven baked, stove top prepared or grilled outdoors. The chicken we serve is typically precooked.


Dining Hall


Dining Area
Restrooms and water fountains
Volunteer Kitchen Crew

Rental Details—Non summer camp use.

The Dining Area rental is based on a 24 hour time period:

Supporting Churches: 

  • $40.00 *

Other Groups:  

  • $50.00


The Kitchen rental is per meal prepared:

Supporting Churches:  

  • $15.00 per meal * 

Other Groups:  

  • $25.00 per meal 




  • LARGE GROUP ADJUSTMENT FEE—all events using “building rental” only.  
  • $.25 per person attending in excess of 50.  ($25.00 maximum per building.) *
  • $.50 per person attending in excess of 50.  ($35.00 maximum per building.)